Strongbow Nights 2021


Hello! And welcome to the Strongbow CarnEvil asset library. Here you’ll find all you need to spread the word about our freakishly refreshing Halloween event across your site and social channels.

Social Assets

Everything you’ll find below is designed to drum up excitement and ultimately drive more customers through your doors throughout the campaign. A mixture of images, copy and posters will keep your social channels buzzing and CarnEvil top of people’s minds.

Empty Belly Poster

These A3 posters are ideal for grabbing attention in your pub or bar. Simply fill in the date and time you’ll be holding your Halloween bash, get printed, and pop them somewhere high-visibility, like near the entrance or at the bar.


A bank of images you can post individually or as a set to help spook up your Insta page.


A CarnEvil cover photo, plus a selection of newsfeed and carousel images to help you showcase the event across your outlet’s Facebook page.


A header photo plus newsfeed images to help spread the word on your outlet’s Twitter page.